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Oftentimes shingles become discolored from excessive moisture, algae growth or tree and plant material sitting on the roof for extended periods of time. It's best to keep the area above your roof free from overhanging trees. If this is not an option, we recommend blowing off the roof quarterly to avoid future discoloration.

The best type of roof depends on the climate of your region, your budget and the pitch of your roof. Shingles roofs are certainly the most popular for affordability and functionality. Metal roofs will outlast shingles and some homeowners prefer the aesthetic it brings; however, they are also more expensive. TPO and EPDM roofs are the best for flat or low slope applications, oftentimes found on commercial roofs. Clay tile, slate, and cedar shake roofs also have their own benefits in certain climates, but are less popular here in the Carolinas.

You don't always need a new roof if you have a leak. In fact, we often recommend repairs over replacing an entire roof, depending on the condition. For example, pipe boots are common items that wear out faster than the rest of the roof. These items can easily be repaired to extend the life of your existing roof.

The lifespan of a roof depends on is the material it's made from. Shingle roofs will last 15-35 years depending on the type of shingle. Metal roofs will last 30-70 years or more depending on the type of metal and continued maintenance. TPO roofs will last 15-25 years depending on the thickness of the material and amount of foot traffic. Of course, roof life can also be cut short by wind and hail damage or other natural disasters. This is why it's important to have a good insurance policy in place to protect yourself against these unforeseen events.

Every roof is different. A small shingle roof can be replaced in one day. However, a large shingle roof may take multiple days. Metal roofs take much longer to install and can take days to weeks. Flat or low slope roofs can take anywhere from a few days to many days or weeks depending on the size of the roof.

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